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Gotham - Tonight's The Night 
10th-Nov-2015 01:26 pm

Written by Jim Barnes
Directed by Jeffrey Hunt

Babs really went nuts here. The wedding from hell, the fall and she still managed to survive. I'm not actually what else can be done with the character.

Gordon has been an idiot for a while but he really outdid himself in this episode. Practically everyone was calling him out on his stupidity and he still acted like an idiot.

Leslie deserves better writing. That is all.

At least Theo got arrested in this episode. His story should be drawing to an end then.

I hate that Nygma has been made into a serial killer but I do love the potential alliance with him and Oswald though.

Bruce came close to messing up big time as well, 7/10

Review .... http://shawnlunn2002.blogspot.ie/2015/11/my-review-of-gothams-2x08-tonights-night.html
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