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Gotham - A Bitter Pill To Swallow 
17th-Nov-2015 02:31 pm
Written by Megan Morstyn Brown
Directed by Louis Shaw Milito

This was an okay episode. Fun in some parts but mainly for the Oswald and Nygma scenes. Those two really do work so well together, don't they?

Nice to see Missy on here or should I call her the Lady and as she survived the episode, we might see her again if we're lucky.

Tabitha sending out assassins to kill Gordon because of Barbara is vomit inducing and inplausible as well for me. Theo was right to call her out on it.

Flamingo had his moments but he needed more airtime to make an impression though.

Barnes got some development but Leslie needs more this season. Gordon's dark side, blah, blah, whatever at this rate.

No Bullock this week, shame that.

Selina and Alfred might be right about Silver but it seemed like Bruce was already aware that she's playing him though, 7/10

Review .... http://shawnlunn2002.blogspot.ie/2015/11/my-review-of-gothams-2x09-bitter-pill.html
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