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Brothers And Sisters - Season 3 
19th-Jun-2009 11:23 am

Another season has completed its run on UK television, so it’s that time again.

 Top 10 Episodes

1: 3x11: A Father Dreams

Kevin goes through a series of intriguing dreams, including a moment with Julia.

2: 3x16: Troubled Waters Part 1

Robert suffers a heart attack as Kitty awaits the arrival of their son.

3: 3x17: Troubled Waters Part 2

Tommy finds out that Holly knows about his scheme to get her out of Ojai.

4: 3x08: Going Once, Going Twice

Kevin tries to be supportive of Scotty's recent success.

5: 3x21: S3X

Kevin and Scotty nearly have a threeway and Sarah has some office fun of her own.

6: 3x24: Mexico

The gang head to Mexico to try and bring Tommy home. Review  for this episode is up.

7: 3x10: Just A Sliver

Kevin undergoes an operation to save his niece's life.

8: 3x14: Owning It

There's a baby shower, the introduction of Ryan and Saul's boyfriend, Henry.

9: 3x05: You Get What You Need

Kevin and Scotty attend dinner with the latter's parents.

10: 3x01: Glass Houses

Kitty and Robert proceed with adopting and everyone else learns about Ryan and Justin/Rebecca as a couple.

Season 3 Overview

This has been something of a debateable season. For a lot of viewers, it’s not the show it used to be and there were a series of plot that didn’t completely work. Kevin working for Robert made no sense, Ryan failed to generate interest with viewers, people were on occasion annoyed with Justin and Rebecca as a couple and anything involving Holly was met with its usual disdain. Tommy also made a huge blunder with Ojai and we’ve gotten to the point in the series where Nora really should have more in her life than constantly trying to mother her children and Saul was savagely underused while Julia literally did slip out quietly. So, was there anything good in the season? Of course – anything involving Kevin and Scotty, who remained the season’s only stable couple (retain that next season), plots that Justin and Rebecca had that were independent of each other, Kitty’s book plot (I cannot be the only person who liked this) as well as the slow but organic dissolution of her and Robert’s marriage as well as the arrival of their son, Evan via Trish plus Sarah in general, who didn’t have much of an angst ridden year compared to the first two seasons. It’s hard to tell if I prefer this season to the second but I do know that while the first is likely to be the best for the time being, I didn’t actually hate the season either but I did feel that some storylines should’ve either been handled or not happen at all.

DVD Extras

Interview With Sally Field/Patricia Wettig

Cast Visit To Real Life Winery In Ojai

Cast And Crew Hijinks On Location


Deleted Scenes

Episode Ratings

3x01: Glass Houses = 9/10, 3x02: Book Burning = 8/10,

3x03: Tug Of War = 8/10, 3x04: Everything Must Go = 9/10,

3x05: You Get What You Need = 9/10, 3x06: Bakersfield = 9/10,

3x07: Do You Believe In Magic = 8/10, 3x08: Going Once, Going Twice = 10/10,

3x09: Unfinished Business = 8/10, 3x10: Just A Sliver = 9/10,

3x11: A Father Dreams = 10/10, 3x12: Sibling Rivalry = 7/10,

3x13: It’s Not Easy Being Green = 7/10, 3x14: Owning It = 9/10,

3x15: Lost And Found = 8/10, 3x16: Troubled Waters Part 1 = 10/10,

3x17: Troubled Waters Part 2 = 10/10, 3x18: Taking Sides = 8/10,

3x19: Spring Broken = 9/10, 3x20: Missing = 8/10,

3x21: S3X = 9/10, 3x22: Julia =8/10,

3x23: Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off = 8/10, 3x24: Mexico = 9/10.

Characters Of The Season – Kevin, Sarah, Scotty for being their usual excellent selves.

Best Relationship: Kevin/Scotty. The only stable/interesting one all season.

Worst Relationship: Rebecca/Justin. I’m just not that into them.

Best Plot: Kevin helping out Elizabeth in episodes ten and eleven.

Worst Plot: Ryan’s to a degree.

Song – Ryan Adams – Wonderwall

Used in the episode, Mexico


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